Horse neck physio treatment

From racehorses, to elite performance horses to pony club ponies your horse will be thoroughly assessed and treated appropriately.

    The equine assessment involves a full history as well as any relevant clinical information from your vet, a gait assessment where your horse will be observed at walk, trot, circling and possibly on the lunge or under saddle if appropriate. Following the gait assessment, a full palpatory assessment is carried out from head to tail as part of a detailed clinical assessment. More specific testing including proprioceptive, neurological testing and spinal and limb range of motion completes the assessment process. Treatment may involve any number of physiotherapy techniques and modalities – such as soft tissue mobilisation, dry needling, joint mobilisation, stretching, reflex inhibition, pulsed electromagnetic therapy, laser, therapeutic ultrasound, acupressure. The physiotherapist will then make recommendations on after-care and follow up, and provide the owner, rider or trainer with a specific and individualised home exercise programme which may include use of the Equiband system. As human physiotherapists we work closely with our multidisciplinary team and Sarah’s Royal Veterinary College training taught her the importance of working closely with the veterinary surgeons, veterinary specialists and the wider team of farriers, vet nurses, saddle fitters, dentists, coaches, trainers, massage therapists and bodyworkers who are so often involved in the recovery and well being of the animal. We achieve outstanding results working closely with the wider veterinary, professional and paraprofessional team, with the animal’s welfare always at the centre.

    Why Choose Vetphysio

    Experienced Approach

    Over 20 years of clinical experience.

    Tailored Approach

    Every patient is assessed and treated as an individual, and rehabilitation is specifically tailored to what you or your animal needs.

    Team Approach

    We work with your team for the most holistic and effective outcomes.