Small animals

Vetphysio Limited has opened two new in-house clinics in the past 5 months. Vetphysio now offers two small animal clinics at The Strand Veterinarian, The Textile Centre, Kenwyn Street, Parnell, mainly for dogs, and a dedicated pre and post-operative clinic at New Zealand’s leading private veterinary hospital, VSA hospital, 1 Te Apunga Place, Sylvia Park, as well as a selected few veterinary practices in the Auckland area by special arrangement. Patients include working dogs, police dogs, agility dogs, family pets, post-operative dogs, geriatric (older) dogs and occasionally cats.

The canine assessment involves taking a detailed history from both the owner and your veterinarian, a gait or movement assessment, full palpatory assessment from nose to tail and specific tests such as neurological tests, joint tests and range of motion.

If your dog has arthritis, has had or may need orthopaedic surgery, has a lameness, muscle injury, is getting older, stiffer and less mobile, has a sports or athletic injury they may benefit from physiotherapy.

We also provide each owner with a personalised exercise and home programme for their dog, and offer advice with managing your dog at home.